kimmy miller (kimmycake) wrote,
kimmy miller

so the date was absolutly amazingly fun!!!!
joe took me to the zoo and to pf changs!!! and we had so much fun being goofy and taking stupid pictures and just having fun!! while we were waiting for our table at pf changs we went over to barnes and nobel and we both picked books for each other to read and we went to the kiddy section and sat at the little picnic tables and read each others books it was so awesome and perfect!! yay i cant wait for date number 2!!!! and ive never been out with a guy that has opend and shut the car door for me every single time and that really kind of ment alot to me as lame as that sounds. but wow it was such a great fun afternoon/night!!

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    so after rereading all of my old entries... i feel like a moron... pft to the past screw you! ON WITH THE FUTURE! *plots evil plans to take over…

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    la la la world of warcraft rocks that is all

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    its been a while since i felt butterflies its kind of nice to feel them again....

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