kimmy miller (kimmycake) wrote,
kimmy miller

its been a while

its been 11 months and its been a pain in the butt its been rough and its been amazing and worth all the trouble. i love him.. i really do.. and this love wont die and hopefully some day in the future i will get to experience in full bloom.
and the fact that hes not blocking that possiblity out is awesome. its so hard being patient though. but im trying im trying real hard it just gets more difficult each day though. because i want to be with him so bad. i just want to be in his arms holding him knowing that everything is gonna be okay and that we are gonna be together. i love him so much and i know he cares for me too but he cant express it right now or it will hold him back and i cant do that to him.
someday... i really hope i can experience what the full beauty and the full experience of what this can be and has the potential to be.

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    la la la world of warcraft rocks that is all

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    its been a while since i felt butterflies its kind of nice to feel them again....

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